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How to run a business | Tips & Tricks

running a businessMany people who start off a business just don’t understand how to make a successful business. We at Rocketship SEO have put together some useful tips and tricks to help anyone who has the vision of running a successful business on their mind or in the works of currently running a business. Feel free to contact us for any questions.


Tip 1 – Plan of ROI (Return on Investment)

First suggestion to anyone try to run a business is that they have a vision of how they plan on making of profit. Every business has expenses to start, some are more than others. So making sure you have a way to bring more money in than you spend needs to be assessed prior to investment. Planning is definitely an important stage prior to running a business.

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Tip 2 – Customer Base 

Almost all of the businesses of today rely on a customer base (the only exception being state ran operations). Without people spending money there would be no circulation or growth. The trick that we suggest in order to truly run a successful business is to find a location where you can start bringing in customers instantly (High population) and without a lot of competition (Internet weakness) If you currently are in an area and want to start a business or already have one going, the only way you can get money coming in is with customers whoa re able to find you. Most people are going to use Google for all of their needs. What makes more sense to you? 1) Have customers already calling and coming in before you invest into your business and have a for sure money stream ready to go? or 2) Invest into your business and struggle for a few months until customers start coming in through the site? Well most people will choose answer 1) however most people DO answer 2). A lot of people don’t think about how the internet can make or break a successful business! By simply ranking a site in your area for what you do, you can severely control the stream of customers with some of our magic SEO!
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Tip 3 – Customer Service

So even though starting a business can be hard, treating people well (usually) comes easy and with high reward. Most of the good business that is done can be rewarded with good reviews online, and also word of mouth that is a high conversion rate compared to any other form of advertising. Word of mouth is your highest conversion strategy and would be beneficial if you are a people person with all your customer interactions.

How to build an empire from nothingTip 4 – Value your Time

Time is the only valuable that we have. Don’t squander it on bids for jobs that are not worth your time. Make sure you set goals on what you want to achieve. If you don’t value your time, no one else will either, remember that.

what makes a business successfulTip 5 – Make it Happen

Faith without works is lost. That is an infamous saying. It means that if you have hope and faith in an idea or person, then back it up with action! Set a goal and find out how to make it happen, even if your progress is small, as long as you move forward and make progress then you are staying the path of making a successful business.

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After seeing these tips and tricks on business success feel free to email us at Admin@RocketshipSEO.com for any questions or concerns!