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  • Like our name implies, we perform S.E.O. (also known as Search Engine Optimization) for our clients’ websites and their businesses. We have high powered backlinks, citations, and content writers. We perform these techniques and constantly have repeat success with all of our clients in ranking their websites for the keywords that literally get the most volume and also are relative to their business.
  • Content is what we refer to pictures, words, and even videos on a web page. The more relative and original the content is, the fast and higher you will rank. We recommend anywhere from 1000 – 1,500 words!
  • Citations are when you have your business’ name address and phone number submitted to different directories through out the internet and Google picks up on these as citations for your business.
  • Backlinks are when other websites are linking “back” to your website, hence the name backlinks. When these backlinks are coming to your site tons of factors come into play such as relativity and authority.
  • SEO otherwise known as Search Engine Optimization is a major factor in the difference of either or not people can simply Google what you do and then find you or not. If they can’t find you and have a problem, be assured someone will be ready to fix their issues.
  • A budget is what comes into play when deciding the goals a person or company has for a website. Ranking can take 3 – 6 months usually, but with a low budget and high expectation, this may be a longer goal.
  • Limitations? Not with a Rocketship 🙂