Common SEO Frauds to Be on the Lookout For

You already know you need to have excellent search engine optimization in place for your business to do well! Perhaps you have put it on a backburner and now you want to kick it in gear. You may be a new business owner and you haven’t had the opportunity to let it work for you yet. While you are interested in getting results fast, you need to avoid SEO scams that can cost you.

Guaranteed Ranking in a Specific Period of Time

As you look around for search engine optimization providers, it may be enticing to look towards those that offer a guarantee for ranking. They may tell you they can get you to the first page in 30 days! There is no crystal ball out there and no way can they realistically make that happen for you if they are using legitimate practices.

While you do want to find a search engine optimization provider with proven results, if it sounds too good to be true, it really is. These entities often charge more too because they try to draw you in with that fast result turn around. Don’t waste your time or money because that time is going to pass. You will be disappointed with the outcome, even if you had some improvement.

Free Trials

When you feel like you can get SEO for free, you may really be listening. Avoid those free trials though as they are just to reel you in. Realistically, they aren’t going to offer you much for free. SEO takes time, dedication, and plenty of resources. That isn’t going to be offered for nothing. Many of these free trials barely touch the surface.

If you want any real assistance from the company, you will have to pay them for it. They use the free trial though to get you into their office. Then they start to tell you about all of the packages and offers they can extend to you.

Excessive Link Building

Talk with the search engine optimization provider you think about hiring. Learn about the methods they are going to incorporate to get your results. They should have a basket full of possibilities and creative elements. Then they should branch out and sprinkle those various elements all over to reach your target audience.

Avoid providers who dive in with excessive link building. In a matter of a week, they could have hundreds of links that go back to your website. However, this is going to be suspicious to the search engines and get red flagged. It also doesn’t mean where they place those links get you any closer to your niche market. You must reach them to drive traffic and boost sales.

Fast and Furious

In the early planning stages, you need to take it slow and easy. Talk to several search engine optimization providers to see what they offer. Compare offers, evaluate them, and compare pricing. You want the best overall value for your investment. Avoid providers that are driving at you 100 miles an hour. They are fast and furious to get you to sign up with them.

They often talk at a fast pace and they don’t care if you look confused. In fact, they use jargon to loosely explain things. This is intentional so that later on when you tell them something isn’t what it should b, they can use those loopholes to stay legal. They aren’t ethical in what they offer but they know how to stay out of legal trouble.

Claims of Insider Connections

You may be drawn in by someone says they can offer you search engine optimization for less and with great results. They may tell you they have insider connections and they can get you bumped in with various search engines without much effort. As enticing as that seems, it isn’t real and it isn’t going to materialise. They will take your money and you will get nothing.

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