Check Out These Unstoppable Trends For SEO That Will Rule In 2017

SEO is the lifeblood of every business, and the specialists need to focus on the advancements and the latest trends in SEO in the year 2017. The business organizations can rule Google rankings with this vital tool. One should alter their campaigns and trends in Search Engine Optimization in order to match the latest realities in the online marketing world. With the cutting-edge competition prevailing in the digital world, it is mandatory to be aware of the changes in SEO.

Nowadays, the SEO experts alter their strategies according to the modernized trends before the competitors catch up with the latest buzz in the market. The changes and updates in Google’s algorithms will keep the company owners on their toes, as many changes will be witnessed in 2017. Here are some of the evolutions in the SEO arena with these interesting and dominating trends.

1. Rise of Google’s AMP accelerating Mobile’s Future

Google’s AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a future of the mobile devices as Google has taken a new initiative to develop mobile-friendly web pages. This open-source protocol helps the webmaster to load the pages instantly on the mobile devices. The ideology behind the concept is to load the pages four times faster, i.e. 15% to 85% and to use the date eight times less. The sites that have started using AMP have been provided a small icon with a lightning bolt and the visibility in the carousel. In my opinion, the big brands will be switching to AMP in order to anticipate their company on Google’s search and SEO 2017 will be exciting like its past.

2. Quality of the Content will matter not Quantity

Content is the backbone of E-marketing as the user wants to read unique content; they get bored off reading the same old content. The same content is being produced in different words that lack the interest of the user into the website. Mostly, long contents have made their mark on the sites as they present the topic in a comprehensive manner. The year 2017 will not be an era of epic content, but people would like to go ahead with the dense content. Google will notice a visual trend in the coming year, and companies will focus on providing the information in the smallest possible ways. In my opinion, quality will matter during the year 2017 rather than quantity of the content.

3. Personal Branding will make its Way

Personal Branding has become an online marketing secret weapon as most of the big names have made much earning with its help. However, it is not only limited to the YouTubers but the SEO campaigns can also earn success through this. It can be seen that-

  • It has become a source of securing guest posts
  • Drives traffic to your website
  • It boosts user’s engagement and trust on your site
  • Social media platforms like Facebook also prefer individual posts to the branded posts according to their refined algorithms.

We will be able to see more personal branding from the big companies too who are going to gain a better platform in the year 2017 with SEO services.

4. Integration of Machine Learning with SEO Trends

The algorithmic machine learning became possible by the introduction of RankBrain by Google, which is an extension to Google Hummingbird functionalities. Under this, it is observed about the usage of the conversational queries put up by the users. With this, the machine learning combines with web page indexing. The machine learning updates will help in changing the SEO scenario, and the following year will witness it in other areas like marketing automation and data interpretation. These changes will definitely come out of the pan, and with a drastic change in technology and the search patterns, it is going to pave a way for the businesses.

5. Optimizing the Intent for User-Experience

With the beginning of New Year, Google will focus more on the user’s experience as they are the key factors around which all the online marketing strategies revolve. Google favors the websites that load quickly on mobile devices and provide great user experience to the people. The SEO professionals are experts with the AMP as discussed earlier, which is an added advantage. The SEO companies will have to focus on the user intent rather than keywords, and the experts should foresee things-

  • Investigation – The SEO specialist should be clear about the user’s perspective about what they want out of your website’s content.
  • Optimization – After this, the experts should optimize the required areas, and the content will definitely reflect good user experience.
  • Adjustments – It is the responsibility of the SEO experts to keep themselves updated with the analytics on Google to see which area is working and, which is not in order to get updated.

6. Big Growth in Personal Digital Assistants

Personal Digital Assistants or the voice search has made its place in the recent years and will become a common trend in the year 2017. The tools like Cortana and Siri have helped the users with the voice-related searches, as the written searches are more hectic. This type of searches is becoming a key to success because people tend to use the tools that are on their Smartphone or Tablets. The day is not far when the industries are going to invest more in the optimization for voice searches as the focus is done on the intent-based matching and semantic searches. This will also lead the companies to new ranking opportunities and advanced search in the conversational queries.

7. Replacement of Websites with Apps

There is a huge increase in the SEO options provided by the experts for the mobile device users. The app streaming allows the apps to be streamlined with Google without even getting it downloaded on the mobile devices. As the app indexing and the deep linking is done within the apps in the recent years. Google has catered to the needs of the app users during its semantic search but in the year 2017, the app favoritism will definitely be watched out. Soon, the time will come when the apps replace traditional websites of the company, as the app streaming has made its place a way down this very path.


Google and other search engines may have many things in store for the coming year with relation to SEO. However, the companies’ specialists need to be aware of the recent trends in the year 2017 in order to go well with their campaigns in future. These trends are surely going to influence the SEO arena and the companies’ needs to prepare themselves well in advance to stay ahead in the competition. The SEO experts will help your projects to get into the pipeline and to stay ahead in the SEO game in the year 2017.

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